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Am I Going to Die?

Just called my LIC Guy to keep my insurance money ready because life in India is not secure anymore, You can die anytime.
What is going on in my country? back to back tragedies back to back verdicts back to back deaths….
Seriously this is my India.
No! I think It is not.
We are the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.
Still, these things are happening. I think the last fifteen days were the worst time of modern India. We had so many crucial things and saw so many things which should not happen in India.
Every Indian Knows, Even whole world knows-
  1. Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy:
  2. Utkal Express
  3. Kaifiat Express
  4. Duronto Express
  5. Bihar Flood
  6. Mumbai Rains
  7. Baba Ram Raheem Case and deaths
  8. Many Rape Cases


This list is very long.


You can’t go to a government hospital.

Who do we blame for this? Government or college authorities? Due to this incident, it has become clear that no soul person is responsible for it. This is the result of the negligence of both our government and the college. If these people were somewhat active then today many children do not have to wash their hands from their lives.

Peoples dies in the terrorist attack, whose fault it is? Obviously terrorists. A building col lapses and many causualitiesoccurs, whose fault it is ?? Obviously engineers. Now, 290 innocent children died in hospital. Be anyone responsible for any deaths but what about that lives. Does taking responsibilities will give them their life back.

Terrorists infiltrate and kill innocent lives. Our government have crores of rupees to build Shiv Smarak but don’t have enough money to build a better defense system. This is just one example, there are many such. Why there is no proper checking whether the structure made can withstand the or longer time or not. And then this Gorakhpur tragedy. Some says it was due to lack of oxygen supply and the officials say we are probing the matter. Everyone teaches ” Prevention is better than cure” but what about taking it into practile.

If you are a girl going market or somewhere, you are not secure. Someone from this Indian society can kill you or rape you, and this is happening every day. These things are happening because we don’t have any toughttules and regulations for rapists.

If you are traveling by train, in next kilometers your train may leave the path or someone can burn your train or you can face some major accident or you can just be murdered. Indian railway department is just hanging in Air.

Be careful, Anything can happen anytime if are traveling in Indian Railways.

And this flood and rain are next level tragedy. We lost many people in Bihar, UP, and Asam. Now Mumbai is wearing this pain, Seriously What and why is happening?

I don’t think, I am safe in India anymore.

“मतलब यहां कुछ भी हो सकता है कभी भी, आप रात को घर से वॉक के लिए निकलते हो तो आपका क़त्ल हो जाता है, आपका रेप हो जाता है!  घूमने निकलते हो तो आपकी ट्रेन का एक्सीडेंट हो जाता है और आपकी जिंदगी की यात्रा समाप्त हो जाती है, कभी आप हिन्दू मुस्लिम दंगो का शिकार हो जाते हो तो कभी बाबा राम रहीम के अंधे भक्तो क बीच में मारे जाते हो! सीमा पर खड़ा जवान कभी भी शहीद हो जाता है, पुलि वाला भीड़ में मारा जाता है….

क्या सच में कल मै/ आप घर जिन्दा वापस आ पाएंगे? क्या भरोषा है आपको?”

Rape, Murder, Train Accident, Hospital Tragedies, riots….

Anything/ anyone can ask for your life.

Do You Feel Safe in India?


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