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कपिल मिश्रा को एक खुला पत्र – अपनी खुद की बुद्धि से काम लीजिये !!

कपिल जी नमस्कार,

पिछले कुछ दिनों से दिल्ली के राजनीती में काफी हंगामा मचा रखा है ! देखकर अच्छा नहीं लग रहा, आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया जिसके कारन आप सीधे घर वालो पर ही कीचड़ उछालने निकल पड़े ! आप हमेशा कहते हो – अरविन्द जी मेरे लिए बहुत सम्मानित है और साथ ही साथ उनकी इज्जत में कीचड़ उछाल रहे हो ! आम आदमी पार्टी केवल आपकी, अरविन्द जी की या शीर्ष पर बैठे चाँद नेताओ की नहीं है – पार्टी हजारो लाखो  कार्यकर्त्ता की है जिन्होंने लाठिया खायी है जो जेल गए है ! जिनमे से एक मै भी हूँ, आप हमेशा क्या बताए रहते हो की मै धरने पर बैठा, मैंने वह आंदोलन किया, क्या आपने अकेले आंदोलन किया था उस समय भी आपके साथ हजारो लाखो लोग थे !

तब आपके साथ लोग थे आज आपके पास उनमे से कोई भी नहीं है, आज आप अकेले हो ! ये सब देखकर आपको नहीं लगता की आपने कुछ न कुछ तो गलत किया है! आप लोगो से कहते हो मै कल टैंकर घोटाले का खुलासा करूँगा और आप अगले दिन सुबह आकर ऊल – जुलूल आरोप लगते हो ! क्या हुआ उन आरोपों का ? आप कोर्ट गए ? आप सीबीआई के पास गए ? कुछ नहीं हुआ तो क्या ये सारा ड्रामा पब्लिसिटी बटोरने के लिए था?

जब आपके आरोप आये तो कुछ पल के लिए मेरे पैरो टेल की जमीन फिसल गयी,  मगर काफी सोचा और जो आप को बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं करते मैंने उनके बयां सुने उनसे बात हुयी !उन्होंने यही कहा अरविन्द कुछ भी कर सकता है मगर ‘पैसे’किसी हालत में नहीं ले सकता ! विरोधियो के द्वारा कही गयी वो बात मेरे लिए शक्ति थी अरविन्द पर भरोसा रखने की , वो भी उस वक्त जब आपने अपने ही घर में आग लगा दी थी !

कपिल जी अभी वक्त कम है इतना ही लिख रहा हूँ, थोड़ा अपनी खुद  की बुद्धि से काम लीजिये ! घर में आग लगा दी है कही वही आग आपके खुद के घर तक न आ जाये !

पूरा पत्र आपको जल्दी ही मिलेगा !!


एक आम आदमी

अंकुर मिश्रा

Jumla Man VS Real Man

Currently, Indian Politics is a function of Power but in my view, it should be a function of pre-election announcements, post-election execution by our politicians and development of the state or country. Every month, every year, in every election, we listen to many attractive and impressive promises by our politicians for getting votes and attracting voters. But after voting and forming government we got ‘Baba Ji Ka Thullu’, we expect 100% from or ministers and government and we got maximum 10%. This the scenario of Indian political development. But here I have to say As a political Party – Aam Aadmi Party in doing a better job in compare to other political parties. Now I see that group as a political party, not an activists group. So I think,  we all should compare them as a political party, and as a political party they are doing their best.

Now This has to be clear in every AAM AADMI’s mind.

Our political things are focused in Central and in Delhi Gov. OR In media terms, we can say Modi vs Kejriwal. Both had the agenda of corruption in their manifesto, and this should be in theirs main foucs areas. So let’s compare this big thin and the status on this.


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.55.59 PM


Reading many editorials and conclusion of most of the editorials are, Corruption in Delhi is Down. And we can see in many ways, it is true. CVC say corruption is Delhi is decreased by 81%.

Here are few other pre-election announcements and post-election status related to corruption issues.

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill 

Promise: Aam Aadmi Party resolves to legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill after coming to power. This will ensure a time-bound investigation in matters of corruption. The Delhi Lokpal will have the power to initiate investigations and prosecution against those charged with corruption. Whistleblowers will be provided protection and awarded for their contribution toward creating a just system

Status: AAP promised to “legislate” the Jan Lokpal Bill, and indeed, the bill was cleared in the Delhi Legislative Assembly on 4th December, 2015. The Jan Lokpal can issue necessary orders for full protection for whistleblowers, protect confidentiality, provide security, and initiate criminal action against the person involved in the harassment of whistleblower. However, the legislation’s fate remains unclear as it is yet to get the approval of Lieutenant Governor and Centre.

Citizens’ Charter

Promise: A Citizens’ Charter shall be introduced in all government offices in Delhi.

Status: The Delhi legislative assembly passed the Delhi (Right Of Citizen To Time Bound Delivery of Services) Amendment Bill. Among other provisions, the Bill prioritizes each government department to put out a “comprehensive citizens charter” within 30 days of its notification, and that responsibility lies with the Heads of Department.


67% Jump in corruption cases. CVC report is here:

Corruption complaints against various government departments jumped by a whopping 67 per cent in 2016 over the previous year, with the Railways topping the list.  Over 11,000 complaints were received against the public sector behemoth, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has said.  In its annual report tabled in Parliament recently, the probity watchdog said it received a total of 49,847 complaints in 2016, as against 29,838 in 2015 — an increase of 67 per cent.

“The Commission received a considerable number of complaints against public servants working in the state governments and other organisations who do not come under the jurisdiction of the Commission or which are of administrative nature,” it said.
The number of complaints received by the CVC in 2015 were 50 per cent less than a total of 62,363 received by it in 2014. The CVC had got 31,432 and 37,039 complaints of alleged corruption during 2013 and 2012 respectively, the report said.

Giving details, the CVC said the highest of 11,200 such complaints were against railway employees. Of these 8,852 were disposed of and 2,348 were pending. Further, a total of 1,054 complaints against railway employees were pending for more than six months.
The number of complaints against those under government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has declined with a total of 969 received last year as against 5,139 in 2015.
As many as 6,513 complaints of alleged corruption were received against employees under Home Ministry, followed by 6,018 bank officials and 2,496 related to those working with the Ministry of Petroleum.
A total of 2,646 corruption complaints were received against officials of the Income Tax department, 2,514 against those in Urban Development Ministry and 2,393 related to employees working under Telecommunication Ministry, it said.
There were 1,746 corruption complaints against employees under Labour Ministry, 1,668 in Food and Consumer Affairs department, 1,420 of customs and excise, 1,376 in public sector insurance companies and 1,369 against officials of Ministry of Steel, the CVC said.

A total of 759 complaints were against Coal Ministry employees, 724 of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, 689 in Defence, 571 related to employees of Health and Family Welfare department and 479 against officials of Shipping Ministry.

We can’t just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter

I Support Gurmehar Kaur, we can not just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter.

I, as an Indian, and human does not feel there is anything wrong in what Gurmehar said. She is just 20 years of age and she was barely 2 years when her father sacrificed his life for the country. It does not matter whether he died at Kargil or at any other place. All that matters is, he died fighting for the country. It also does not matter whether she supports the ideology of AAP or any other political party as she is adult and has right to vote and everyone votes according to their political preferences. It also does not matter whether she is studying in the perennially politically charged university of Delhi. All that matters is whether her statement is in the support of war or peace.

She is being threatened, bullied, trolled, and ridiculed for her statement. The missiles of criticism are being showered on her by politicians, cricketer, Bollywood star and the ruling party members. Are these haters more matured than her with regard to their stand on the Pakistan? If yes, than please clarify the following.

When Jahawarlal Nehru, assumed the Prime Minstership of Independent India, he just did not know, what exact foreign policy he should adopt towards Pakistan, which rose up from undivided India. You call someone enemy who is not part of your race and religion. With half of the relatives in Pakistan and other half in India, both the countries have been historically confused with one another in their international relations . The confusion runs high in Pakistan. The confusion also ran high in successive Indian governments. The Indian foreign policy as enshrined in the Constitution is that of the peaceful coexistence but with regard to dealing with Pakistan, there has been no clarity. The politicians, industrialists, media fraternity, singers, actors, producers, script writers and citizens, from both the countries, love and hate each other. Even in the war of 1965 , there was no closure of diplomatic channels and people from both the countries were visiting each other. Even the Indian courts, were puzzled to see the it.

Gurmeher father died in fighting the terrorists sponsored by Pakistan. She is bound to get confused as the same terrorists were exchanged in lieu of hostages at Kandhar by then Government. Despite the bus journey and opening of the boarder, the Kargil incursion happened.

Whether it is Gurmeher, Virendra Sehbag or the ABSU or even those radical groups in university, all are victims of the confusion. They just do not know what exactly Pakistan is to India and vice versa. But Gurmeher’s father was not confused, he got killed. The army men just kill or get killed. They have no confusion. They are clear in their objectives and mind.

My sympathy is completely with Gurmeher and all those who threatened her and spoke derogatory about her , must apologise. If they cannot, than they should clear the above confusion whether Pakistan is friend or enemy?. If Pakistan is friend, than follow what Gurmeher says and if not, than follow what Gurmeher’s martyred fathers did. You can not just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter.

Aam Aadmi Party will sweep in Punjab

Revolution always reaches a point where the protagonists are termed as anarchists, but for the overhaul of the existing corrupt system anarchy is the pre requisite.

After the large win in Delhi elections and a lot of successful projects, AAP has become much popular in Punjab than other local parties. On the daily level, I discuss the things about Punjab Politics with my Punjabi Friends and on social media, and I always got some positive feedback fro AAP from them. Of course, the party has huge popularity and credit goes to past governments and their zero level work.

Why AAP will be the first choice in Punjab:
Punjab government completing it’s 5 years, and still, Punjab has bucket full problems. Today Corruption, unemployment, and Drugs are the main problems of Punjab. Also, the government is facing a huge anti-incumbency due to its corrupt practices, the dictatorial attitude of the deputy CM towards other leaders and a very huge rate of unemployment. These all issues have overshadowed their achievements. On the other hand, people hardly believe in Captain Amarinder Singh. Yes, he usually gets the support of urban and business class but remembers that most of the people in Punjab live in villages. Though Captain has a pro-farmer policy but side by side his support for privatization of education and health sector failed to create his good image among various government sector employees and bureaucrats.

So after facing these problems, people want some change, some alternative. A party which can change the Punjab. Currently, this is being seen in form of Aam Admi Party.

“दिल्ली हुयी हमारी है – अब पंजाब की बारी है”

  • Anti-incumbency: here is a heavy anti- incumbency on BJP-SAD government which gives a fair chance for AAP.
  • Change: People are used to SAD-BJP and Congress governments and want change.
  • Anti – Drug Campaign: This will surely help them as this is a major issue in Punjab and AAP are frontrunners in leading this campaign.

Fantastic and Serious Melody By Kumar Vishwas

  • Delhi Factor: Delhi elections have boosted the confidence of AAP and all workers are enthusiastic.
  • Media: Media will surely give the required attention to AAP as it is the newcomer.
  • Anti- corruption: Akali- BJP has done a lot of corruption already and people are fed up with them and as Congress can’t raise an anti-corruption issue, AAP will surely score good points in that terms.

I have some expectations from AAP. I know they can win, they have that much potential but they have to find an honest CM face. As people in Punjab are fed up of Akalis. Punjab has become a hotbed of drugs and druggists. Unemployment, closing factories, Huge mismanagement of funds by the government.All these factors make an opportunity for AAP to win elections.

PS: I’m not from Punjab, just analyzed as I know a lot of people in Punjab and I took their opinion.