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Nothing is certain, neither life nor death – Indian Railways can prove anytime

The things which are happening in Indian Railways again proved: Life OR Death – Nothing is certain. We are the world’s fourth largest railway network into account. Yes, the Indian Railway Network indeed. So, step into the train and hand your life to the clemency of the dilapidated tracks, century-old bridges, miscued signaling system, slapdash maintenance and so on and so forth. Yes, still you must; because this is what 30 million Indians do on daily basis.
Indian Railways ran on average 13,313 passenger trains daily, If you suffer, don’t give a damn. It’s quite a normal phenomenon. Consider it a bonus if you manage to reach your destination unscathed. Always remember that normal things seldom happen in our country. It is abnormality which accounts for everything occurring out here.
Our railway system specializes in every possible way of mishap;
  • Bridge-collapses,
  • Malfunctioning signals,
  • Unclamped tracks,
  • Head-on collisions,
  • Infernos,

… blah, blah, blah. Does the count ever end?

Never. So better, let’s  leave it. Indian railway has only Corruption, cowardice, and crookedness, it has outshown almost every field when it comes to volume and traffic of scamps. We all know the fact, India is really a land of scampers, no doubt in that. It could have been somewhat relieving if this price that we pay would have been compensated by the losses we agonize due to them. But no, this has not yet been destined to us. Our Kings are busy at the moment solving out their own conflicts and convictions. Till then, we need to prepare ourselves, in case we are not, to witness some more like Sant Kabir Nagar Train Disaster, Kaifiyat Express Disaster, Kalinga Utkal Express derailed, Kuneru train derailment, Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger train bombing, Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station, etc. Well, these many are enough to swap the population of a healthy Indian village by fouling corpses. The government terms them as tragedies and disasters, but they aren’t. Instead, they are massacres.

Take the example of Sant Kabir Nagar Train Accident-
Nearly 25 people died and 50 people were injured in the train accident where a Gorakhpur bound Gorakhdham Express hit a stationary goods train. The mishap took place near Khalilabad station in Sant Kabir Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The incident took place on May 26, 2014.

21 January 2017 – The Kuneru train derailment occurred when the 18448 Jagdalpur–Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express derailed near Kuneru, Vizianagaram, killing 41 and injuring 68.
7 March 2017 – The 2017 Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger train bombing occurred when a bomb exploded on the Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger at Jabri railway station, injuring 10. This was the first strike in India by the Islamic State.[citation needed]
15 April 2017 – The Meerut–Lucknow Rajya Rani Express derailed 8 coaches near Rampur; injuring atleast 24.
19 August 2017 – The 18478 Puri–Haridwar Kalinga Utkal Express derailed in Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Killing at least 23 and leaving around 97 injured.
23 August 2017 – Auraiya train derailment occurred when the Kaifiyat Express (12225) derailed between Pata and Achalda railway stations around 02:40 am (IST). Around 100 people were injured.

Few major train accidents in India since 2014:
January 21, 2017: 29 people were killed and 50 others injured when the Jagdalpur-Bhubaneswar Hirakhand Express derailed in Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram district.
December 28, 2016: Two passengers were killed and over 65 injured when 15 coaches of Sealdah-Ajmer Express derailed near Rura, 50 km from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.
November 20, 2016: 149 people were killed and over 300 injured when 14 coaches of Patna-Indore Express derailed near Pukhrayan station, close to Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.
August 4, 2015: 25 people were killed and 25 others injured as Bogies of Mumbai-Varanasi Kamayani Express derailed and fell into Machak river in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh. Minutes later, the Janata Express also derailed at the same spot
March 20, 2015: 39 people were killed and 150 injured as Dehradun-Varanasi Janata Express derailed in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli.
May 4, 2014: 20 passengers died and 100 others were injured as Diva Junction-Sawantvadi passenger train derailed between Nagothane and Roha stations in Raigad district of Maharashtra.
May 26, 2014: 25 people were killed and over 50 others injured when Gorakhpur-bound Gorakhdham Express rammed into a stationary goods train near Khalilabad station in Sant Kabir Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

And the recent Mumbai’s Elphinstone Road station Disaster: More than 22 people were killed and 35 others were injured after a stampede broke out on a crowded pedestrian bridge connecting two stations in Mumbai, one of the worst tragedies to hit the city’s teeming local train network.

We can continue to talk about numerous such casualties. It does not seem to end; not unless the sleeping conscience of the constituent units of the system rises. But as is the current scene, it cannot be expected anytime soon in future. Even if it does, it rises only to attain quiescence again. Anyway, being common citizens, our job is to tolerate the tyrannies of the government that we have ourselves appointed. Isn’t it? What else can we do? We have given up the hope that the system would ever reconcile; then it would never rectify its fiddle.

After all, we become what we hope to be. We are common people because we consider ourselves to be, not because someone else has defined the term for us. We feel that we are pathetic, therefore comes the notion that we are common. Certainly, that is not the case. The feeling is just like the rotten-looking peel of a banana housing a healthy fruit inside. And, what to talk about the system we possess; it is just a lost balloon rising up in the air till it could fit upon the head of a pin. It really is easily manipulable and should be driven towards mass-benevolence rather than personal emancipation. Be a Gandhi, or be an Anna if time demands, but burn the midnight oil and turn the tables so that everyone goes home safe, no woman is widowed, no child is orphaned, no mother waits for her child and last but far from least, there is an overall headway standing as a testimony to the fact that the upcoming era is ours, the citizens’

Be a Mahatma Gandhi, or be an Anna Hazare if time demands, but burn the midnight oil and turn the tables so that everyone goes home safe, no woman is widowed, no child is orphaned, no mother waits for her child and last but far from least, there is an overall headway standing as a testimony to the fact that the upcoming era is ours, the citizens. This will be the real definition of ‘Achche Din’.

The gods of democracy – Cheers !!

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Am I Going to Die?

Just called my LIC Guy to keep my insurance money ready because life in India is not secure anymore, You can die anytime.
What is going on in my country? back to back tragedies back to back verdicts back to back deaths….
Seriously this is my India.
No! I think It is not.
We are the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world.
Still, these things are happening. I think the last fifteen days were the worst time of modern India. We had so many crucial things and saw so many things which should not happen in India.
Every Indian Knows, Even whole world knows-
  1. Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy:
  2. Utkal Express
  3. Kaifiat Express
  4. Duronto Express
  5. Bihar Flood
  6. Mumbai Rains
  7. Baba Ram Raheem Case and deaths
  8. Many Rape Cases


This list is very long.


You can’t go to a government hospital.

Who do we blame for this? Government or college authorities? Due to this incident, it has become clear that no soul person is responsible for it. This is the result of the negligence of both our government and the college. If these people were somewhat active then today many children do not have to wash their hands from their lives.

Peoples dies in the terrorist attack, whose fault it is? Obviously terrorists. A building col lapses and many causualitiesoccurs, whose fault it is ?? Obviously engineers. Now, 290 innocent children died in hospital. Be anyone responsible for any deaths but what about that lives. Does taking responsibilities will give them their life back.

Terrorists infiltrate and kill innocent lives. Our government have crores of rupees to build Shiv Smarak but don’t have enough money to build a better defense system. This is just one example, there are many such. Why there is no proper checking whether the structure made can withstand the or longer time or not. And then this Gorakhpur tragedy. Some says it was due to lack of oxygen supply and the officials say we are probing the matter. Everyone teaches ” Prevention is better than cure” but what about taking it into practile.

If you are a girl going market or somewhere, you are not secure. Someone from this Indian society can kill you or rape you, and this is happening every day. These things are happening because we don’t have any toughttules and regulations for rapists.

If you are traveling by train, in next kilometers your train may leave the path or someone can burn your train or you can face some major accident or you can just be murdered. Indian railway department is just hanging in Air.

Be careful, Anything can happen anytime if are traveling in Indian Railways.

And this flood and rain are next level tragedy. We lost many people in Bihar, UP, and Asam. Now Mumbai is wearing this pain, Seriously What and why is happening?

I don’t think, I am safe in India anymore.

“मतलब यहां कुछ भी हो सकता है कभी भी, आप रात को घर से वॉक के लिए निकलते हो तो आपका क़त्ल हो जाता है, आपका रेप हो जाता है!  घूमने निकलते हो तो आपकी ट्रेन का एक्सीडेंट हो जाता है और आपकी जिंदगी की यात्रा समाप्त हो जाती है, कभी आप हिन्दू मुस्लिम दंगो का शिकार हो जाते हो तो कभी बाबा राम रहीम के अंधे भक्तो क बीच में मारे जाते हो! सीमा पर खड़ा जवान कभी भी शहीद हो जाता है, पुलि वाला भीड़ में मारा जाता है….

क्या सच में कल मै/ आप घर जिन्दा वापस आ पाएंगे? क्या भरोषा है आपको?”

Rape, Murder, Train Accident, Hospital Tragedies, riots….

Anything/ anyone can ask for your life.

Do You Feel Safe in India?


नितीश कुमार – अवसरवादी? मजबूत? या मजबूर?

नमस्कार नितीश जी,
मुबारक हो आप एक दिन के अंदर बिहार के नायक से महानायक और खलनायक बन गए, पहले मुख्यमंत्री थे – स्तीफा दिया और फिर से मुख्यमंत्री बन गए!
मै अब भी भ्रम में हूँ आपको मजबूत कहूं या मजबूर?
जो व्यक्ति मुख्यमंत्री होते हुये एक भ्र्स्ताचारी से स्तीफा नाही ले पाता वो प्रदेश क्या खाक चलायेगा, प्रदेश से भ्रष्टाचार क्या खाक भगायेगा !
अब कहाँ है वो संघी जो अरविन्द केजरीवाल के स्तीफा देने पर उसे भगोड़ा कह रहे थे? केजरीवाल ने तो अपने वादों और सिद्धांतो के लिए स्तीफा दिया था, तो क्या मै यहाँ ये समझू की अगर अरविन्द उस वक्त भाजपा का समर्थन लेकर सरकार बनाते तो संघियों के लिए भगोड़े नहीं होते?
नितीश जी ऐसी अवसरवादिता तो भारतीय राजनीती में किसी ने नहीं दिखाई होगी! मै इस बात से सहमत हूँ की लालू यादव और परिवार भ्रस्टाचार से भरा पड़ा है, मगर क्या ये बात समझने में आपको दो साल से ज्यादा का समय लगा? आप तो बिहार की सेवा बचपन से कर रहे हो और लालू परिवार की रग रग से वाकिफ हो, फिर भी आपने सरकार बनाई – वहाँ भी अवसरवादिता दिखाई आपने और सही वक्त देखकर पल्ला पलट लिया!
“मिट्टी में मिल जायेंगे पर भाजपा से नहीं मिलेंगे”
आपने ही कहा था न विधानसभा चुनाव के बाद, मगर अचानक से क्या हुआ?
क्या 2019 के दूरगामी स्वप्न देख रहे है आप?
आपकी इस हरकत से एक गण याद आता है:-
ना ना करते, प्यार तुम्हीं से कर बैठे
करना था इंकार मगर इक़रार तुम्हीं से कर बैठे
मेरी नजर में सबसेसबसे बुरा राजनेता लालू यादव था मगर उस लिस्ट में सबसेसबसे ऊपर अब आप हो, नितीश कुमार जी – मै आपको एक विकासवादी नेता के रूप में जनता था मगर आपकी इस हरकत ने आपको सबसे बड़ा अवसरवादी नेता बना दिया !
जिस पार्टी के खिलाफ आपने चुनाव लड़ा और जीता, उसी के साथ सरकार बनाना जनता के साथ सबसे बड़ा विश्वावसघात है! ऐसे ही खेल चलता रहा तो जनता का लोकतंत्र से विस्वास एक दिन पूरा उठ जायेगा!
बिहार में बहार है, नितीश कुमार है!
मै प्रार्थना करूँगा ईश्वर आपको अक्ल दे, सोचने समझने की झमता दे !
एक भारतीय

प्रधान सेवक जी, किसानो और जवानो की कितनीं और लाशें देखनी पड़ेगी ?

प्रधान सेवक जी,

आप ने जिस दिन देश के प्रधानमंत्री पद की शपथ ली थी, उस दिन लगा था कोई युवा देश की बागडोर संभाल रहा है, देश की दशा में कुछ परिवर्तन आएगा ! मगर जैसे जैसे आपका कार्यकाल बढ़ रहा है वैसे वैसे देश की दशा और बिगड़ रही है ! मेरी सोच से देश के विकास में दो लोगो का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण योगदान होता है – एक सीमा पर खड़े जवान का दूसरा खेत में खड़े किसान का, मगर आपने दोनों को नजरअंदाज किया हुआ है! किसानो और जवानो की लाशें रोजाना सामने आ जाती है, आखिर ऐसी क्या मजबूरी है आपकी? या फिर आप इसका समाधान निकालने में सक्षम नहीं है ?

मै उत्तर प्रदेश के एक किसान का बेटा  हूँ, जो सभी मौसम में खेतो में खड़ा रहता है, हम यहाँ ३० डिग्री तापमान के ऊपर रोने लगते है, वो ५० डिग्री में भी खेतो में खड़ा होता है, थोड़ी रात हो जाने पर हम डरने लगते है वो रात भर अकेला घने जंगल में सोता रहता है, जो अमीषा वक्त का पाबंध होता है, उसकी कोई चुनावी घोषणा नहीं होती वो अनाज उगाके दिखाता है अनगिनत तकलीफे सहता है फिर भी घर वालो से कभी शिकायत नहीं करता, वो कभी अकेले के लिए अन्न नहीं उगाता – अगर वो नहीं हो तो हमारा एक दिन जीना संभव नहीं है !

फिर भी उस किसान की आज ऐसी दशा, जब वो अपने हक के लिए लड़ रहा है, उसी पर गोलियां चलवाई जा रही है! यह कैसी सरकार है सर ? इन किसानो को आपसे बहुत आशाएँ थी मगर आपने उनके लिए कुछ करना तो दूर उनकी जिंदगी ही छीन ली ! कुछ समय पहले तक किसान परेशान होकर खुद – खुदख़ुशी कर रहे थे मगर अब आपने ही उनका गला दबाना शुरू कर दिया, और उसके बाद उसकी लाशो पर राजनीती खेली जा रही है! जिस किसान की लाश में आप राजनीती कर रहे हो, वही किसान कल तक कड़-कडाती धूप, थर-थराती सर्दी, गड-गड़ाती बरसात में बिना गमझे,
बिना छाता, बिना चप्पल, बिना कम्बल पैदल उस खेत में जाता था, जहाँ की दाल और अनाज से आपकी थाली में खाना सजता है ! हमारा मालिक था वो हमें रोटी मिलती थी उसकी वजह से, मगर कभी भी उसने जताया नहीं ! कभी कभी तो वो खुद भूखा सो जाता है, उस किसान के लिए हम आज राजनीती कर रहे है ! आपने और आपकी सरकार ने तो घोषणा कर दी उसकी मौत में कुछ चिल्लर !

जनाब पैसे से मत लगाओ उसकी कीमत, अन्नदाता था तुम्हरा, पैसे से नहीं चूका पाओगे उसका कर्ज !

प्रधान सेवक जी, क्या यही देश का भविष्य है? क्या यही योजनाये है किसानो के लिए आपकी?  अगर देश में किसान नहीं बचे, तो देश भी नहीं बचेगा ! अब भी क्या २०१९ के चुनाव की घोषणाओं का इंतजार करोगे सर? कुछ इनके बारे में भी सोच लीजिये !

दुआए मिलेंगे, खाना मिलेगा और आप और हम सब जिन्दा रह पायेंगे !



देश का एक आम नागरिक 

एक किसान का बेटा

कपिल मिश्रा को एक खुला पत्र – अपनी खुद की बुद्धि से काम लीजिये !!

कपिल जी नमस्कार,

पिछले कुछ दिनों से दिल्ली के राजनीती में काफी हंगामा मचा रखा है ! देखकर अच्छा नहीं लग रहा, आखिर ऐसा क्या हो गया जिसके कारन आप सीधे घर वालो पर ही कीचड़ उछालने निकल पड़े ! आप हमेशा कहते हो – अरविन्द जी मेरे लिए बहुत सम्मानित है और साथ ही साथ उनकी इज्जत में कीचड़ उछाल रहे हो ! आम आदमी पार्टी केवल आपकी, अरविन्द जी की या शीर्ष पर बैठे चाँद नेताओ की नहीं है – पार्टी हजारो लाखो  कार्यकर्त्ता की है जिन्होंने लाठिया खायी है जो जेल गए है ! जिनमे से एक मै भी हूँ, आप हमेशा क्या बताए रहते हो की मै धरने पर बैठा, मैंने वह आंदोलन किया, क्या आपने अकेले आंदोलन किया था उस समय भी आपके साथ हजारो लाखो लोग थे !

तब आपके साथ लोग थे आज आपके पास उनमे से कोई भी नहीं है, आज आप अकेले हो ! ये सब देखकर आपको नहीं लगता की आपने कुछ न कुछ तो गलत किया है! आप लोगो से कहते हो मै कल टैंकर घोटाले का खुलासा करूँगा और आप अगले दिन सुबह आकर ऊल – जुलूल आरोप लगते हो ! क्या हुआ उन आरोपों का ? आप कोर्ट गए ? आप सीबीआई के पास गए ? कुछ नहीं हुआ तो क्या ये सारा ड्रामा पब्लिसिटी बटोरने के लिए था?

जब आपके आरोप आये तो कुछ पल के लिए मेरे पैरो टेल की जमीन फिसल गयी,  मगर काफी सोचा और जो आप को बिल्कुल पसंद नहीं करते मैंने उनके बयां सुने उनसे बात हुयी !उन्होंने यही कहा अरविन्द कुछ भी कर सकता है मगर ‘पैसे’किसी हालत में नहीं ले सकता ! विरोधियो के द्वारा कही गयी वो बात मेरे लिए शक्ति थी अरविन्द पर भरोसा रखने की , वो भी उस वक्त जब आपने अपने ही घर में आग लगा दी थी !

कपिल जी अभी वक्त कम है इतना ही लिख रहा हूँ, थोड़ा अपनी खुद  की बुद्धि से काम लीजिये ! घर में आग लगा दी है कही वही आग आपके खुद के घर तक न आ जाये !

पूरा पत्र आपको जल्दी ही मिलेगा !!


एक आम आदमी

अंकुर मिश्रा

Jumla Man VS Real Man

Currently, Indian Politics is a function of Power but in my view, it should be a function of pre-election announcements, post-election execution by our politicians and development of the state or country. Every month, every year, in every election, we listen to many attractive and impressive promises by our politicians for getting votes and attracting voters. But after voting and forming government we got ‘Baba Ji Ka Thullu’, we expect 100% from or ministers and government and we got maximum 10%. This the scenario of Indian political development. But here I have to say As a political Party – Aam Aadmi Party in doing a better job in compare to other political parties. Now I see that group as a political party, not an activists group. So I think,  we all should compare them as a political party, and as a political party they are doing their best.

Now This has to be clear in every AAM AADMI’s mind.

Our political things are focused in Central and in Delhi Gov. OR In media terms, we can say Modi vs Kejriwal. Both had the agenda of corruption in their manifesto, and this should be in theirs main foucs areas. So let’s compare this big thin and the status on this.


Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 2.55.59 PM


Reading many editorials and conclusion of most of the editorials are, Corruption in Delhi is Down. And we can see in many ways, it is true. CVC say corruption is Delhi is decreased by 81%.

Here are few other pre-election announcements and post-election status related to corruption issues.

Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill 

Promise: Aam Aadmi Party resolves to legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill after coming to power. This will ensure a time-bound investigation in matters of corruption. The Delhi Lokpal will have the power to initiate investigations and prosecution against those charged with corruption. Whistleblowers will be provided protection and awarded for their contribution toward creating a just system

Status: AAP promised to “legislate” the Jan Lokpal Bill, and indeed, the bill was cleared in the Delhi Legislative Assembly on 4th December, 2015. The Jan Lokpal can issue necessary orders for full protection for whistleblowers, protect confidentiality, provide security, and initiate criminal action against the person involved in the harassment of whistleblower. However, the legislation’s fate remains unclear as it is yet to get the approval of Lieutenant Governor and Centre.

Citizens’ Charter

Promise: A Citizens’ Charter shall be introduced in all government offices in Delhi.

Status: The Delhi legislative assembly passed the Delhi (Right Of Citizen To Time Bound Delivery of Services) Amendment Bill. Among other provisions, the Bill prioritizes each government department to put out a “comprehensive citizens charter” within 30 days of its notification, and that responsibility lies with the Heads of Department.


67% Jump in corruption cases. CVC report is here:

Corruption complaints against various government departments jumped by a whopping 67 per cent in 2016 over the previous year, with the Railways topping the list.  Over 11,000 complaints were received against the public sector behemoth, the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has said.  In its annual report tabled in Parliament recently, the probity watchdog said it received a total of 49,847 complaints in 2016, as against 29,838 in 2015 — an increase of 67 per cent.

“The Commission received a considerable number of complaints against public servants working in the state governments and other organisations who do not come under the jurisdiction of the Commission or which are of administrative nature,” it said.
The number of complaints received by the CVC in 2015 were 50 per cent less than a total of 62,363 received by it in 2014. The CVC had got 31,432 and 37,039 complaints of alleged corruption during 2013 and 2012 respectively, the report said.

Giving details, the CVC said the highest of 11,200 such complaints were against railway employees. Of these 8,852 were disposed of and 2,348 were pending. Further, a total of 1,054 complaints against railway employees were pending for more than six months.
The number of complaints against those under government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has declined with a total of 969 received last year as against 5,139 in 2015.
As many as 6,513 complaints of alleged corruption were received against employees under Home Ministry, followed by 6,018 bank officials and 2,496 related to those working with the Ministry of Petroleum.
A total of 2,646 corruption complaints were received against officials of the Income Tax department, 2,514 against those in Urban Development Ministry and 2,393 related to employees working under Telecommunication Ministry, it said.
There were 1,746 corruption complaints against employees under Labour Ministry, 1,668 in Food and Consumer Affairs department, 1,420 of customs and excise, 1,376 in public sector insurance companies and 1,369 against officials of Ministry of Steel, the CVC said.

A total of 759 complaints were against Coal Ministry employees, 724 of Information and Broadcasting Ministry, 689 in Defence, 571 related to employees of Health and Family Welfare department and 479 against officials of Shipping Ministry.

मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ को एक खुला पत्र – आशाएं बहुत है आपसे, निराशा में मत बदलियेगा

नमस्कार सर,

मुख्यमंत्री बनाए जाने के लिए शुभकामनायें ! कैसे है ? आपका कार्यकाल कैसा चल रहा है ?

मैं अंकुर मिश्रा – उत्तर प्रदेश का एक आम नागरिक!

आशा है आप कुशल होंगे ! वक्त आगे बढ़ रहा है उत्तर प्रदेश में आपको भारी बहुमत मिला है, जितना कभी आपने भी नहीं सोचा होगा ! सभी जानते है और मानते है की योगी जी हिंदुत्व की आधुनिक परिभाषा हैं ! प्रदेश में बढ़ती साम्प्रदायिकता को समाप्त करने लिए भी आपको ये अवसर दिया गया है! ख़ुशी है की आप एक साधारण परिवार से आते है और  पूर्वांचल में बहुत विकास कराया है ! एक उत्तर प्रदेश का नागरिक होने के नाते आपसे कुछ आशाएं है:-

  1. योगी जी प्रदेश में शिक्षा के लिए आप क्या कर रहें है, शिक्षा जिंदगी की सीढ़ी बनाती है ! शिक्षा ही एक नागरिक की जिंदगी निर्धारित करती है! आपसे निवेदन है की उत्तर प्रदेश में शिक्षा पर विशेष ध्यान दिया जाए ! मुख्यतः प्रदेश के गाँवो की शिक्षा में, जहाँ नाम के लिए अध्यापक और विद्यार्थी तो होते है मगर शिक्षा नहीं होती ! शिक्षा को कूड़ेदान में डालकर आराम फार्मा रहे होते है ! इसलिए आपको ग्रामीण प्राथमिक शिक्षा पर विशेष ध्यान देने की  जरूरत है ! यही से देश का  ७0 % से ज्यादा युवा निकलता है !  साथ ही साथ सभी स्तर की शिक्षा के लिए विशेष और कड़े नियम बनाने की जरूरत है जिससे सही टैलेंट आएगा और पढ़े लिखे बेरोजगारों की फ़ौज तैयार नहीं होगी !
  2. मेरा दूसरा निवेदन है प्रदेश में रोजगार के ज्यादा से ज्यादा अवसर उपलब्ध कराये जाने चाहिए ताकि प्रदेश में रहने वाले लोगो को बाहर नहीं जाना पड़े! हर तरह का रोजगार प्रदेश के अंदर ही होना चाहिए, कोई ज्यादा पढ़ा लिखा हो या कम पढ़ा लिखा उसे प्रदेश के अंदर ही जॉब उपलब्ध हो सके! प्रदेश में हर तरह की सुविधाएँ है बस उन्हें सही ढंग से लागू करने की जरूरत है, लोग हैं, पैसा है, टैलेंट है फिर भी हम बाहर क्यों जाते है?
  3. आइडियाज  जनता से लेकर, उन्हें समझकर बड़े स्तर पर लागू करने की जरूरत है ! हर व्यक्ति के अंदर समाज की समस्या का समाधान होता है वो भी सरल तरीके में ! इन्ही सब आइडियाज को इम्प्लीमेंट करके, प्रदेश के नवजवान देश के दूसरे हिस्सों में जाके वहाँ का भला कर रहे है तो क्या हम उन्हें प्रदेश के अंदर ही अच्छी सहूलियत नहीं मुहैया करवा सकते हैं? छोटे छोटे स्टार्टअप्स को आगे आकर सरकार का  साथ देने की जरूरत है, जो प्रदेश हित और राष्ट्र हित में है !
  4. आपके लिए भी सबसे बड़ा मुद्दा राममंदिर ही है, वैसे आपको ये भी मानना होगा की प्रदेश के ५०%  से ज्यादा हिन्दू वोट भी आपको राम मंदिर की वजह से ही मिले है! असल मसला यही है – कुछ राम मंदिर चाहते है और कुछ मस्जिद चाहते है ! लेकिन क्या आपको कोई बीच का उपाय नहीं निकालना चाहिए जिससे कोई दंगा फसाद न हो और दोनों ख़ुशी ख़ुशी रहे ! मै यह इसलिए लिख रहा हूँ क्योकि मेरे खुद के पिता जी ने १९९० में लाठियां खायी है, राम मंदिर के लिए ! क्या यही एक उपाय है, क्या यही राम या अल्लाह ने हमें सिखाया है? मारो और मरो?
  5. अगली सबसे बड़ी समस्या है स्वच्छता ! आप तो जानते है स्वच्छता में हमारी और हमारे प्रदेश की क्या दशा है, वैसे इसमे सबसे पहला कदम जनता का ही होता है! और उसे सफाई अपने घर से शुरू करनी चाहिए, मगर जनता सोई पड़ी है! उसे जगरूप करने की जरूरत है, कड़े कानून बनाने की जरूरत है जिससे जनता गन्दगी करने की जुर्रत न कर पाए !
  6. सुरक्षा – प्रदेश की पुलिस सबसे ज्यादा बदनाम है! जिसने हमेश गुंडों का साथ दिया है, उनका नजरिया बदलने की जरूरत है! उनको सही और गलत में फर्क करना सिखाना जरूरी है ! प्रदेश की जनता उनके बल पर चलती है मगर चंद लोगो ने पूरे सिस्टम को बदनाम करके रख दिया है ऐसे चंद लोगो को सिस्टम से बाहर करने की जरूरत है!
  7. प्रदेश का हर नुक्कड़ पर बने ऑफिस में चल रहे घूष खोरी के धंधे को बंद करने की जरूरत है! कोई पेंसन के लिए पैसे दे रहा है तो कोई ड्राइवर लाइसेंस के लिए ! कोई आपको आपके अधिकारी से मिलवाने के लिए पैसे ले रहा है तो कोई नौकरी पाने के लिए ! यह प्रदेश की सबसे बड़ी समस्या है, इसी के जरिये लाखो छात्र बिना परीक्षा दिये, डिग्री ले आते है ! भ्रष्टाचार के जरिये हर सिस्टम को बाजार बना दिया है जहां सब कुछ बिकता है !
  8. उन गुंडों को सुधारने की जरूरत है जो अपनी पार्टी की सरकार बनने का इंतजार करते है और उसके आने पर गुंडागर्दी शुरू कर देते है ! गाड़ी में आगे सप्ताधारी पार्टी का झंडा लगाकर अपनी मनमानी करते है ! ऐसे लोगो को मैंने आपकी इसी सरकार के बनने के बाद देखा है! ऐसे लोग पार्टी और नेता दोनों का नाम बदनाम करते है और आम जनता को परेशान करते है हजारो तरीके के नाजायज टैक्स वसूलते है ! इस समस्या का समाधान आपको तुरंत निकलना चाहिए !

— और भी बहुत सारे सुझाव प्रदेश का हर आम नागरिक दे सकता है ! बस इनको अमल में लाना होगा !!

प्रदेश की जनता ने एक नयी सुबह का सपना देखा है और दिखाया है आपके चुनाव से पहले के भाषणों ने और आप जैसे मुख्यमंत्री ने! जो सप्ता का  लालची नहीं लगता, जिसे विकास करना है प्रदेश के खोखलेपन को ख़त्म करना है, प्रदेश को सुरक्षित करना है!
बलात्कार, भ्रष्टाचार, महंगाई, टूटी सड़के, आत्महत्या करते किसान, भूख से मरता गरीब और पांच साल तक फिर से रोती जनता ! अब नहीं चाहिए !
सर प्रदेश में नयी आशा आयी है, निराशा दूर भागी है!
सर मुझे आपमें एक भविष्य दिखता है, युवा भविष्य जो प्रदेश की बूढ़ी राजनीती से परे है, ऐसा भविष्य जो अगर पापी राजनीती में न पड़े तो प्रदेश का नक्शा बदल सकता है! मेरे जैसे कई और लोग भी होंगे जिन्हें आपसे कुछ आशा होगी ! उनकी आशा को निराशा में मत बदलने दीजिये !
देश को सबसे अच्छे नागरिक दिए है इस प्रदेश ने फिर भी उसकी यह दशा है क्यों?
उसे बदलने का एक सही प्रयास तो करिये !!

उत्तर प्रदेश का एक आम नागरिक


(Image Credits: Manoj Sinha and Ramesh G)

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One Rule, One Nation ! Abolish Triple Talaq

Kids: Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!
Adults: Divorce!
Legends: Discuss the Problem and Find out the solution!

Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and many other ‘ Islamic ‘ countries have already abolished triple talaq rule.

And according to a survey conducted by Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, more than 90 percent of Muslim women surveyed in India want the “Talaq! Talaq! Talaq!” divorce ritual banned from Muslim personal law in India. There is no mention of oral triple talaq in the Qur’an or Sunnah. This concept was innovated after the death of the prophet (PBUH). Quran says (interpretation of

Quran says (interpretation of meaning) :

Divorced women remain in waiting for three periods, and it is not lawful for them to conceal what Allah has created in their wombs if they believe in Allah and the Last Day. And their husbands have more right to take them back in this [period] if they want reconciliation. And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men have a degree over them [in responsibility and authority]. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise. (2:228)

During the lifetime of prophet (PBUH), three divorces were considered as one. This concept isn’t based on evidence from Qur’an or Sunnah and that’s why many Muslims reject it. (Source Reuters)


Now it’s high time to abolish Triple Talaq from Muslim society and implement Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

In India criminal code applies equally to all citizens irrespective of their identity. You murder someone, you go to jail. Even civil matters in public domain that relate to contracts, copyright, torts apply equally to everyone, irrespective of their beliefs, caste or religion.

However civil laws related to personal matters like, marriage and divorce, succession and inheritance are not uniform. Communities and people can decide these issues in accordance with their cultural mores or religious doctrines.

Thus upon its last mile journey underneath the legal umbrella; people stand abandoned by the hand of law and are guided solely by their traditions and local power brokers.

Now this situation is problematic as far as Muslim personal laws are concerned (Hindu personal laws are almost equivalent to civil laws) and there are few arguments which can be made for implementing UCC ASAP.

Constitutional Argument:

Citizens of one country cannot and should not be guided by differing laws.The protection and due process of law is the birthright of every citizen without distinction and its limited application in any sphere is not only legally untenable but also against the spirit of a nation and equality of its citizens. This situation of having differing Laws based on identity is a doctrinal aberration and should be dispensed with immediately

Sociological Argument:

To have differing laws is to reaffirm the separation of people of the same society. A society which frames differing laws based on religion is in essence non secular for it is segregating its citizens based on their faith. This communal mind set espoused in state laws is highly divisive and should not be allowed to continue.

Gender Equality Argument:

It is a worth while to look at people who are affected by these separate laws. In case of Muslim personal laws, it is the women and the clerics. Women are dis empowered by personal laws permitting polygamy and unilateral divorce ( triple talaq) while jurors and ulemas are empowered by being in a position of judgment. Muslim personal laws being heavily biased towards males put women in a greatly disadvantageous position and are thus overripe for wholesale reform.

Having looked at why UCC should be implemented here is a look at two main objections, people bring out against its implementation.

Islam Argument

“This is an internal issue to be resolved within canons of Islamic faith and outsiders should have no say in it “

This is a non tenable claim as essence of Islamic faith about person’s relation with God (belief in one God, his revealed message and his last Messenger) does not come into play here. This is about a person’s relation with another person or how social practices in a society will be conducted. State and its secular laws, should have the final dominion over all inter-personal transactions in its territory unless it is a caliphate where God has that dominion and is the deemed regulator of all human transactions as well. So this is essentially a state issue and not a faith issue.

Political Argument

“This current Government is pursuing its covert war against Islam and UCC is another weapon in its arsenal.”

Muslim personal laws have stayed unreformed since 1930s. Every time an attempt is made to update them, resistance crops up. So this argument of current mal-intent would be considered valid if Muslim community leaders would have shown willingness to reform at any point of time in their history (In Rajiv Gandhi’s time who wanted to reform or Jawaharlal Nehru in 1950’s who wanted the same, or Supreme Court who is on record stating the same). Hence this argument of current bad intent, is a mere camouflage for a historical unwillingness to reform.

In essence, everything about Indian society has transformed in last 85 years except Muslim personal laws which continue to remain archaic, patriarchal and gender biased. It is high time political will is displayed, Uniform Civil Code implemented and Muslim community is rescued from its own internal power politics that keeps it chained.

If we really want to work on blind religious faiths, it is advisable for the Muslim Gurus, Government and lawmakers to form a committee with the law, government, senior religious heads and research on this issue and take action accordingly ASAP.

Yogi, Modi and Rogi | Uttar Pradesh

One week ago I was in my home village, we were discussing that the Yogi will never be BJP’s CM candidate. We never expected this choice. Now this topic is very hot for few socialists and very cold for few seculars. Yes Yogi Aditya Nath is now UP CM. I think he is the only guy with such staunch stand about Hindutva and Muslims. But on serious note I am very scared about UP and the fate of Muslim people in the state. As we’re listening Muslims especially women voted for BJP in the hope of a leader who is democratic and talks about development for all. But what they got is an individual who is not liberal, thinks about other communities and doesn’t really care about progress.
Bhakts should Scan his all speeches then they will see a guy who is similar to Owaisi standing on the other side of the pole.

Collected some statements given by Yogi Adityanath Sir:

  1. On Hindu rashtra: I will not stop till I turn UP and India into a Hindu rashtra. (At Etah UP in 2005)
  2. On (Hindus) ‘exodus’: When I look at western UP, I have regrets…On January 19 1990, Hindus had to migrate collectively from Kashmir. A massacre took place. If we have seen a sight similar to this anywhere, it was either in Bengal or western UP. Kairana and Kandhla are examples. (At Sahibabad on January 30, 2017)
  3. On minorities: We want you (minorities) not to kill anybody and live peacefully and concentrate on progress…If the other side does not stay in peace, we will teach them how to stay in peace…in the language that they understand. (During a TV programme on August 31, 2014)
  4. On Shah Rukh Khan: Shah Rukh Khan should remember that if a huge mass in (the) society boycotts his films, he will also have to wander on streets like a normal Muslim…I think there is no difference between the language of Shah Rukh Khan and (Pakistan terror mastermind) Hafiz Saeed. (On November 4, 2015)
  5. On conversions: If one Hindu girl is converted, we will convert 100 Muslims girls…The way Hindu girls are insulted, I don’t think a civilised society would accept it…If the government is not doing anything, then the Hindus will have to take matters into their own hands. (In an undated video, reportedly from a speech in Azamgarh)
  6. On love jihad: We will not tolerate harassment of Hindus in the state at any cost…If anybody tries to touch Hindus in eastern UP, he will have to face the consequences. (Undated)
  7. On secularism: You (non-BJP parties) claim you are secular but the agenda you implement is communal…there are 12 lakh Hindu saints in the country but you talk about giving salaries to imams. Is this secularism? (In parliament on August 13, 2014).
  8. On riots : There have been 450 riots in west UP in two-and-a-half years of Samajwadi Party because the population of a particular community is rising manifold. In places where there are 10-20% minority population, stray communal incidents take place. Where there are 20-35% of them, serious communal riots take place and where they are more than 35%, there is no place for non-Muslims. (at a rally in Noida on September 7, 2014)
  9. On Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa was part of a conspiracy to evangelise India. Hindus were converted in the name of doing service (at Basti, UP in July, 2016)
  10. On Yoga: Lord Shankar was the biggest yogi who started yoga. Mahadev lives in every particle of this country. So those who want to avoid yoga and Lord Shankar can leave Hindustan (at Varanasi, June 9, 2015)

UP will definitely change but I am not sure if it will be for bad or good.

I also think, Aditya’s selection is just Modi’s gear for LokSabha, 2019. Many friend of mine have told me that even Modi was a Hindu leader but he proved to be a statesman after getting the responsibility of being the CM of the state and PM of India. So even Mr. Yogi can do that. In my opinion, this comparison is just not right. We need to go back in time and recall the image, Mr. Modi carried. His statements were never against Muslims or Christians in particular. One or two statements, that too, moderate ones, in the beginning of his political career just can’t be considered equivalent to the type of polarising and divisive statements that Mr. Yogi usually gives(I have already mentioned his statements in the beginning of the article)

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.02.57 AM

Jindagi Barbaad Ho Giya Uttar Pradesh Ka. Yogi Aditya Nath is to Muslim as Owaisi is to Hindus. Bad days have started hope it not to be worse. ‘Yogi, Modi and Rogi Uttar Pradesh’ this title is suggested by one of my college friend (Ankit Chauhan). Interesting. 

Let’s hope and pray for something Good !!


We can’t just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter

I Support Gurmehar Kaur, we can not just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter.

I, as an Indian, and human does not feel there is anything wrong in what Gurmehar said. She is just 20 years of age and she was barely 2 years when her father sacrificed his life for the country. It does not matter whether he died at Kargil or at any other place. All that matters is, he died fighting for the country. It also does not matter whether she supports the ideology of AAP or any other political party as she is adult and has right to vote and everyone votes according to their political preferences. It also does not matter whether she is studying in the perennially politically charged university of Delhi. All that matters is whether her statement is in the support of war or peace.

She is being threatened, bullied, trolled, and ridiculed for her statement. The missiles of criticism are being showered on her by politicians, cricketer, Bollywood star and the ruling party members. Are these haters more matured than her with regard to their stand on the Pakistan? If yes, than please clarify the following.

When Jahawarlal Nehru, assumed the Prime Minstership of Independent India, he just did not know, what exact foreign policy he should adopt towards Pakistan, which rose up from undivided India. You call someone enemy who is not part of your race and religion. With half of the relatives in Pakistan and other half in India, both the countries have been historically confused with one another in their international relations . The confusion runs high in Pakistan. The confusion also ran high in successive Indian governments. The Indian foreign policy as enshrined in the Constitution is that of the peaceful coexistence but with regard to dealing with Pakistan, there has been no clarity. The politicians, industrialists, media fraternity, singers, actors, producers, script writers and citizens, from both the countries, love and hate each other. Even in the war of 1965 , there was no closure of diplomatic channels and people from both the countries were visiting each other. Even the Indian courts, were puzzled to see the it.

Gurmeher father died in fighting the terrorists sponsored by Pakistan. She is bound to get confused as the same terrorists were exchanged in lieu of hostages at Kandhar by then Government. Despite the bus journey and opening of the boarder, the Kargil incursion happened.

Whether it is Gurmeher, Virendra Sehbag or the ABSU or even those radical groups in university, all are victims of the confusion. They just do not know what exactly Pakistan is to India and vice versa. But Gurmeher’s father was not confused, he got killed. The army men just kill or get killed. They have no confusion. They are clear in their objectives and mind.

My sympathy is completely with Gurmeher and all those who threatened her and spoke derogatory about her , must apologise. If they cannot, than they should clear the above confusion whether Pakistan is friend or enemy?. If Pakistan is friend, than follow what Gurmeher says and if not, than follow what Gurmeher’s martyred fathers did. You can not just humiliate the brave father and his fearless daughter.