Dear Kejriwal, Your All Apologies Are Accepted :)

[IMP] Now Let’s see them as a political party, not a social moment.

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Very sensible decision to apologize. Arvind Kejriwal would have lost peace of mind, money and time on that defamation case had he not apologized. He has to focus on current government instead of wasting time on these useless cases.
If I was Arvind Kejriwal, I would have apologized too. Is it so hard to see the political game here?
For a moment I also thought why he is backing down. It’s not what we think of Arvind.
Then I thought about something else. Suppose I am driving my vehicle and a set of rowdys come in one of their SUV’s and dash my vehicle. What will I do?
Get down and fight with them and try to prove that they are wrong and I am right. I am sure if I ask most of the people around me they would suggest not to entangle with them. Those are people with power and money. They will just sap your energy and may go to the extent of finishing you. It’s not just worth the time.

If anyone of you feel that you are going to stand and fight and do that on daily basis, you have all the right to be upset with Kejriwal.

Put yourself in his situation and decide.

Arvind has 20+ cases against him, in Delhi, Assam, Mumbai, Bangalore and UP. and in Every case he has to appear. So Kejriwal has to be in court almost every single day. Arvind’s apology is more of a statement on the Indian system that knows the culprit, shields them, media plays along and less on Arvind’s apology in itself. What does one do, when an entire system helps the powerful and punishes who challenges the power?

So-Called dictatorship.

Arvind Kejriwal is someone who preferred jail over bail for 14 hot summer days but we won’t spare a breath to declare him a coward. And No need to prove these charges against BJP OR congress leaders as police and investigating agencies are controlled by these parties. We have heard of lots of scams Bofors, CWG, Coal, 2G etc. but nothing have been proved against any politician. This very much shows condition of Indian investigating agencies and Judiciary.
Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Yedyyurappa, Sharad Yadav, Reddy, Raja, Jayalalitha and hundreds of other politicians. Who is considered corrupt and criminals and not being punished by our system?

I personally feel its a good step taken by Kejriwal to save a lot of precious time and utilize that time for governance. Also, it will dent his image temporarily and he will be questioned for this over the long period of time.

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