Indian Public is Just like Puppet For These F**king Politicians

Dear Politicians,

Really Dude! Do you have any respect for God, Ram, Allah or any religion? In every election, you sing the same song. Ram Mandir Wahi Banga and bla bla bla.

What do you think? Public is just puppet OR you are just shameless.

And as per our Constitution, no government is allowed to build any place of worship in India. The ruling govt may permit organisations like VHP, Bajrang Dal, or such to build it by providing land for it (like the previous BJP govt did for the Akshardham Temple in Delhi, an earlier Congress govt did for the Baha’i Temple, the Vivekananda Rock, and so on).

And who the hell you, who is telling us our responsibilities, first you should try to full fill your long list of promises which you did before LS election. You are not more than the higher courts, so don’t tell us your shitty decisions “BJP जीती तो राममंदिर बनेगा”.

This issue is in court, at least wait for the final court judgments, after all the appeals have been gone through and let the court decide what should be there:
“If the verdict is in favour of Muslims, Hindus should accept it
If the verdict is in favour of Hindus, Muslims should accept it”.

Boss, I believe now people are smart enough to know this is not for the love of Lord Rama OR Allah, this is for the love of power the Raaj, there is no disagreement there.

And why you never talk about something else, You are the politicians who are responsible for every development in India and in its states. Let’s think of something else than Mandir OR Masjid. Let’s

Let’s announce something else, like- If we create the government, we’ll make a world class school/ hospital here. By which people can get the education and can get lives. And implement this.

Oooops, What the problem will be solved with this, and you never want this, because you have many next elections and what will be the issue for you in those upcoming elections.

WTF! After 6 December ‘1992: 

6- Legislative Assembly terms 

3- Times BJP Gov in UP

3- Times BJP Gov in Central 

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 10.59.37 PM

And In every election, these f**king politicians sing the same song.

So just keep playing with your puppets , Vote bank.

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