Oooops!! BJP will not win more than 60-70 seats in UP election

Like Always, UP Elections always have been the most dramatic in Indian Democracy System. So nothing can be said unless the elections are over. But after three-phase of voting and discussing with many friends from UP, I can see the trend, which says BJP will never win UP – 2017 election. People are still affected with the Modi effects.

Thanks !! BJP has already given us many reasons to not to vote for them:

  • Demonetization : BJP implemented this with out proper planning and thus the country has seen the worst execution of demonetization by them. The mere goals of the whole process have been compromised, letting the common public suffer only.
  • Surgical Strike : BJP tried to pull vote bank by politicizing the whole military operation and thus the sentiments are mixed on this but majority stood against it as none of the actions have been taken on the Pathankot attack.
  • Communal-ism : BJP always has found supporting Hindus over others and thus the other sectors find it hard to have their faiths on BJP.
  • Jaat Agitation : Jaat agitation in Haryana has revealed that BJP government is as ineffective as congress in handling such tensed matters. Also BJP denied rapes occurring during the protest which was later confirmed by the SC. People share aggression for this.
  • Jumla : BJP is now being considered as the Bhartiya Jumla Party for not delivering their promises, which is definitely going to cost BJP in UP elections.
  • Casteism politics: Yadav’s vote for SP. Dalits vote for BSP. Muslim votes get divided between SP and Congress.  And the latest slur against Mayawati has obviously cost the BJP its winning chances.
  • CM Face: BJP has always focused their strategy on a CM face rather than the party organisation. As of now there are no stalwart leaders who can lead. Many faces are racing for the CM post like Varun Gandhi, Smriti Irani, Yogi, etc.

Apart from these there have been various other incidents which has questioned BJP -NDA Government.

So I don’t think BJP will not get more than 60-70 seats in this election.

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