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Pokémon GO – A Real Revolutions For You

“I’ll be right back,” he said running out the door, “there’s a really good one just down the road.”  For the few of us that haven’t downloaded Pokémon GO yet, this is becoming an all too familiar scenario and it’s only been out for a week. 

Pavements, restaurants and even revered memorials are overcrowding with people glued to their phones, trying to catch a rare Pokémon or travel far enough to hatch an egg. Since Pokémon GO launched last week, millions of people have been sucked into the race to catch ’em all.

Players, or trainers as they appear in the game, have become completely absorbed in their virtual world, bumping into people and lampposts as they count up the metres needed to reach the next level.

Pokémon goes bang

The app, in which users have to move around their local area to find different Pokémon, has exploded in popularity. It’s only been out for a week but around 70 million people already have the app on their phone as it skyrocketed to the top of iTunes and Android App download charts.

On social media, discussions about Pokémon GO are everywhere, with over 100 tweets a minute using #Pokémon GO and nearly 100,000 people on Facebook mentioning it in the past 24 hours. People are sharing tips on where to find coveted rare Pokémon, grouping their friends together for advice and sharing memes poking fun at the Pokémon GO craze.

A gaming revolution

While the release of a hotly anticipated game often leads to users shutting themselves in a dark room until they reach the coveted end, this app makes people go outside, travel around their local area and talk to people trying to catch the same figures.

It takes a lot to go viral on a global, the-majority-of-your-office-has-downloaded-it, kind of scale. Pokémon have done it through a mix of nostalgic appeal, an interactive interface and a sense of community.

Pokémon GO for marketing

While it may not seem like a natural fit, there’s a huge new audience milling around and you can increase the chance of them visiting your business in a few ways.

It is possible to buy ‘Pokécoins’ to create a hotspot where Pokémon collect, which could naturally draw players towards your business. If you run a shop, restaurant or café this could work really well because once people have trekked to your front they might stop and buy a snack.

If your business doesn’t lend itself as well, you could offer charging stations to save any players missing out on Pokémon because their battery has died. Similarly, if you find a rare Pokémon near your business you could advertise this on your social channels.

In a world that is uncertain about its future, Pokémon GO transports us back to the past where the only thing that matters is catching ’em all.

You also find your ways to make it useful. :)

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रवीश कुमार को एक खुला पत्र – ‘वापस आ जाओ सर अब’


आपने ही सिखाया है :

ऐसे अकेला मत छोड़िए सर !

बहुत दिन हो गए, अब नाराजगी छोड़कर वापस आ जाइये ! बहुत से लोग आपके बिना उदास है, सब लोग आपसे नहीं मिल सकते, आपको फोन नहीं कर सकते, आपके पास नहीं जा सकते, आपसे बाते नहीं कर सकते और आप भी सभी लोगो से नहीं मिल सकते न ही बाते कर सकते हो मगर आप ऐसे लोगो के लिए जरूरी हो ! आपकी बाते प्रेरणा  और आदर्श होती है ऐसे लोगो के लिए ! सर आप कुछ चंद लोगो की गलती की सजा हम सब को क्यों दे रहे हो ! सोशल मीडिया ही एक माध्यम है जहां पर कभी कभी आपसे बात हो जाती थी आप जब कभी रिप्लाई करते तो लगता था आप सामने से बोल रहे हो !
मैं खुद दिनभर में कई बार आपका ट्विटर और फेसबुक का प्रोफ़ाइल खोलता और लास्ट पोस्ट देखकर बंद कर देता हूँ ! सर मांझी के बाद भी नवाज साहब फिल्में आ गयी है आशा है आपने ‘रमन-राघव’ जरूर देखि होगी ! मैं तो सलाम करता हूँ नवाज साहब की एक्टिंग को, आपको कैसी लगी बताइएगा जरूर ! और कौन कौन सी फिल्म ये भी जरूर बताइयेगा !

जब आप सोशल मीडिआ में थे तो सभी दलों की अच्छाई और बुराई खुलकर पढ़ने को मिलती थी, अब तो कोई किसी की गा रहा है कोई किसी की !  अजीब लगता है, ये सब देखकर, सर जरूरत है आपकी वर्ना लोगो को वही पढ़ने की आदत पड़ जाएगी जो आज पत्रकार और राजनैतिक दल पढ़वाना चाहते है !  प्लीज सर वापस आ जाओ, उसी पुराने अंदाज में, रोज शाम को जैसे बाते करते थे फिर से बाते करेंगे ट्विटर पे !  कई बार वैशाली से गुजरा तो सोचा आपके घर के की कुण्डी खट-खटाऊ मगर फिर सोचा आप जानते ही नहीं होगे मुझे, या आपके घर से कोई गार्ड ही वापस न भेज दे ! हिम्मत नहीं हुयी कभी, फिर सोचा आप लिखते हो- लिखकर ही भेजता हूँ आपको शायद पढ़ने का वक्त मिले, इसी पत्र को मैंने आपके घर पर भी भेजा है कभी वक्त मिले तो पढ़ियेगा जरूर !
एक बात और सर गालियाँ अब भी बरस रही है यहाँ पर, सरकार ने या किसी ने कुछ नहीं किया अभी तक ! मुझे और मेरे परिवार को भी रोजाना कुछ शब्द मिल जाते है ! पर धैर्य रखा हुआ है शायद कभी “भक्तवणी” परिवर्तित हो, सच को सच और झूठ को झूठ बोलने और समझने की हिम्मत आये उनमे ! शायद उनके भी माँ बाप हो और वो उनका सम्मान करना सीखे !
हाँ इसी “शायद” की वजह से आपका इन्तजार मैं रोज करता हूँ – शायद हम और आप मिलकर और लिखकर ही कुछ बदल दे !
शायद ये पत्र आपको वापस ला सके या शायद नहीं ! मगर सोशल मीडिया और आपके कुछ ‘फैन्स” आपको बहुत मिस करते है !
उन लोगो के लिए ही आ जाइए जिनके लिए आप थोड़ा सा भी प्यार रखते हो ! :) इंतजार है !!

अंकुर मिश्रा

Why work for a start-up?

You will read many myths about Startups Life but listen Working at a startup isn’t for everyone. You’ll work long long hours, with long list of plans and strategy changing daily. Everything will move very quickly and often it will feel like you’re struggling even to keep you head above the water. But in this lies the benefit.

You’ll learn a lot about a lot very quickly. Job titles are far less meaningful than they will be in many other companies, as staff are tasked with whatever needs doing rather than what they were hired for. One day you’ll be sifting through a massive database of data for opportunities, the next you’ll be doing a doing a photoshoot in the rain. Doing SUMs in excel, crafting something in board. anything and many-thing…




On top of learning a wide variety of different skills very quickly you’re also likely to be able to make a much bigger impact. Workers tend to have a larger impact at smaller companies, and this is especially true when the company is breaking completely new ground, rather than starting a business with a tried and tested formula. You’ll be asked to come up with, hone and execute a strategy rather than just execute one.

But you have to Trust and respect your team. You should always be a part of every small and big event of company. This is your baby. Treat like a baby. So always be prepare to work hard and give your best to your startup vision and make it Billion dollar company. This will be incredibly rewarding.

So tight your shoes and shoot your life.

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KV Nasha: Fantastic and Serious Melody By Kumar Vishwas

Swachh Punjab. No more Drug Abuse.  Nice initiative by Dr. Kumar Vishwas. Personally I am a big fan of KV. I always follow his poetry and politics. The new video released by him is the next level of inspiration for youth of Panjab and India. (ओये छड्ड दे पुडियाँ जट्टा तेरी गुड़िया करे पुकार…)

Watch his full Song:

This song has touched the vein of Punjabis. The emotional lyrics, combined with hard-hitting visuals makes one convince that Punjab needs a revolution to end the apathy shown towards them by those in power. With the upcoming elections in sight, Kumar Vishwas attempts to project broom as the mass symbol to restore the pride of Punjab.


“People who do drugs are not culprits but patients. We have to help them. Culprits are people who are running the drug network,” and alleged that “we all know that in Pathankot attack, how the drug business was one of the factors.” – Dr. Kumar Vishwas


Here is full Song, Must Read :

Saddi watt kha gaye,
Fasal kha gaye,
Khet kha gaye,

(Khet kha gaye,
Baadal) (x2)

Saddi sadak kha gaye,
Nahar kha gaye,
Ret kha gaye baadal,

(Ret kha gaye baadal) (x2)

Jad nahse de kaarobaar hoye,
Gabru jawaan murdaar hoye,
Horan nu karzaa den wale,
Aappe hi karzedaar hoye,

Chitte di tijarat karti ae,
Chitte di tijarat karti ae,
Khasma khaani sarkaar,

Oye chhad de pudiyan jatta,
Teri gudiya kare pukaar, (x2)

(Teri gudiya kare pukaar) (x4)

Besharm siyasat da dalaal,
Lokaan da sab kuchh haran laga,
Sukhbir bana dukhbir jadon,
Parkash andhera karan laga,

Guruaan di dharti sisak uthi,
Akhaan da paani maran laga,
Hanjuan da sagar gali-gali,
Har ghar chaubare bharan laga,

Waris Shah di dhee rondi ae,
Waris Shah di dhee rondi ae,
Hatth chhuti patwaar,

Oye chhad de pudiyan jatta,
Teri gudiya kare pukaar, (x2)

(Teri gudiya kare pukaar) (x4)

Neta di tijori bharan layi,
Janta da khazana reet gaya,
Gurudwaryan di golak te jadd,
Choraan da mann parteet gaya,

Har laaj gayi ghardwaar gaya,
Asmat.. kismat.. takdeer gayi,
Bhangra Gidha dholak wala,
Jadd geet gaya sangeet gaya,

Hun fad le jhadu jatta,
Chal fad le jhadu jatta,
Ghar aangan layi buhar,

Oye chhad de pudiyan jatta,
Teri gudiya kare pukaar, (x2)

(Teri gudiya kare pukaar) (x4)

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Ask yourself, what is your real contribution towards the society?

Many people want to impact the world. But for most, it remains a futuristic, romantic goal, which they plan to achieve through volunteer work, writing, policy, art, and so on, “some” day. There often is no hint of an intent to do the same in the present. Malice, ego, prejudice and arrogance together limit people from understanding and impacting their immediate sphere of influence.

The ability to impact people around you is a value system, not an end goal. As long as there are people around, impact can be created.

If you want to create impact on the world some day, it would be worthwhile to ask yourself, how much could you have contributed to the lives around you in the past few weeks, and how much you actually did. If the gap is large, then the goal is somewhere misplaced.

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Will caste system disappear from India in the next few years?

When Manohar Parrikar and Suresh Prabhu were appointed cabinet ministers in November 2014, senior journalist Rajdeep Sardesai tweetd:

Humans have always liked to classify themselves into communities which inevitably give them an identity. Sardesai’s tweet shows that caste is present, irrespective of your status in society, as a tool to identify oneself. Caste in this form can instill pride similar to the pride of being a “Hindu”, “Indian” or “Maharashtrian”.

The problem, though, is that caste, primarily, was not a tool for identity, but one for hierarchy and hence discrimination. An egalitarian system would make it as plausible to hear of a “proud Bhangi” and a “proud Chamar”, as it is to hear of a “proud Brahmin” and a “proud Hindu”.

Unfortunately, this traditional perspective on caste-based hierarchy is legitimized by the state too. On the launch of Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, government officials across hierarchy picked up brooms to sweep the floor. However, for every other day when tokenism is not the trend, the burdens of sanitation and sweeping roads – jobs paid for by the state – fall on largely a specific set of people, identified by their caste.

According to the Socio-Economic Caste Census, 2011, 180,657 families are engaged in manual scavenging, a caste-based occupation. Sanitation in the state-run Indian railways depends on manual scavenging, which is forbidden by law.

This goes on to show at different levels – individual, societal and governmental – that caste, both as identity and hierarchy, is deep-rooted in the Indian society.

An Indian Express survey showed that 27 per cent Indians still practise untouchability, which is outlawed. But untouchability is only one extreme aspect of caste. Historically, caste manifests itself in forms such as social ridicule, emotional subjugation, physical, mental and sexual abuse, and lack of opportunities and resources. Over the 66 years of the Indian republic, caste has shown that it can exist in new forms.

Evaluating the future of caste requires us to ignore the extremes which proper law enforcement can take care of. It is everyday mannerisms that are more difficult to uproot. Names of Dalit castes are often used as derogatory slang. Newspaper matrimonials, which classify matches on the basis of caste, reflect that caste dictates who we marry. Family names are still associated with caste: a Sharma can never be a Dalit. It is tough to imagine that caste-denoting family names will go away in few generations’ time.

Elections in the country continue to show that the ones in power need caste to stay, to remain in power, even if the powerless were to reject it. The popular punch, “In India you don’t cast your vote, you vote your caste” and its regular evidence shows that caste can change forms, but may never disappear. The continuing relevance of caste-based affirmative action reflects the lack of political will to uproot the obvious co-relation between caste and socio-economic status as soon as possible.

Caste has adjusted itself to continue to exist in some form, even in a new, developing, post-1991 India, instead of globalization aiding its removal. This is a characteristic of a perpetual system which can stand the test of time and trends. In its current form – tool for identity, hierarchy and political strategy – it is evident that caste is alive and healthy.


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Free speech: limits needed, but just enough to keep system functioning

Being able to think limitlessly is more fundamental to a human being, than letting the given day’s socio-cultural constructs determine what to think. While the freedom to express protects one’s most basic human rights, some reasonable restrictions are required to protect the existing systems of which one is part of.

Ideas that define a nation, religion, community, God and governance have changed over time, and will continue to do so. Each new idea emerges as an improvement over traditionally-held ideas, with changing context of life and society. The fact that a new idea challenges the status quo means it will face resistance, but blocking that flow of ideas blocks evolution. Therefore, it is important that space be given for thinkers to express new ideas and discuss and debate their feasibility.

However, here a distinction is required in what challenges the status quo and what insults it. Society, culture, religion and politics provide a much-needed system and order for how we live. Though that system must change with time, the need of one cannot be neglected. So, we need just enough protective forces that keep a system in place: enough to allow space for new ideas, but not so much as to kill the order of the day.

Speech which can be perceived as “anti-national” may invite abhorrence, but as long as it is harmless, its expression must not be limited. In this respect, while freedom to express is still paramount, the implications of that expression cannot be ignored. Article 19(2) of the Constitution puts restrictions on free speech if it is against the sovereignty and integrity of India, national security, international relations, public order, decency or morality, or incites offence.

In today’s world, how a nation approaches ideas can have far-reaching consequences in terms of defence, economy, law and order, security and international cooperation. A new ideology challenging God may result in communal disorder if force is used to enforce that ideology. An idea which seeks a violent end to the current idea of a nation-state may result in a threat to national security. A policy which seeks an immediate end to capitalism may hurt the national economy, and policies which look for a sudden replacement of socialism with capitalism will hurt the most vulnerable citizens.




Ideas must constructively debate and consider; they must not threaten. Ideas must add to the discourse; they should not kill the current discourse. The way ideas are expressed must recognize that at best, they are in transition from one to another.

Expression of new ideas needs to accommodate what is traditionally held, recognizing the context in which the earlier ideas were formed, and appreciating their merits. This will ensure that a reasoned debate takes place and individuals on both sides of what is expressed can weigh what is and what can be.

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Nationalists don’t question the system – until there’s a power cut and they can’t charge their iPhones

If you are rich and questioning the system, you are a hypocrite.
If you are middle-class and questioning the system, you are a loser.
If you are poor and questioning the system, you are a parasite.
If you are a man and questioning the system, you have been emasculated.
If you are a woman and questioning the system, you are a lesbian prostitute feminazi.
If you are Hindu and questioning the system, you are a pseudo-secular.
If you are Muslim and questioning the system, you are an ISI agent.
If you are upper-caste and questioning the system, you are misguided.
If you are lower-caste and questioning the system, you are a spoilt brat.
If you are Indian and questioning the system, you don’t care for the soldiers guarding our borders.
If you are non-Indian and questioning the system, you want to sabotage our economy.

Nationalists don’t question the system – until there’s a power cut and they can’t charge their iPhones.

Kanhaiya Kumar – A new role model for all entrepreneurs

I don’t care whoever he is, he is is a good speakers and a good scholar, Who knows the ground level politics and ground level problems.  One university and especially one student leader, Mr. Kanhaiya kumar, was at the center of controversy around a political storm in India lately. While it will be hard to comment on the politics of left and right ideology, its analogy to start ups and their daily problems can be drawn.

Take up a issue which are being faced by public in general and build a solution around it

  • Issue taken up Kanhaiya kumar – Rohit Vemula, Occupy UGC.
  • As a start up, you take up issues that people are facing and try to invent solution around it.. Issues taken up start up – Easy recharge and bill payment  (Mobikwik, Paytm, PayU)

In political or in business, Big players will bully  you and will try to stop-

  • Established big players will flexes their muscles as they see you as intruder in their market space and try everything to kill your ambition. Ruling political part tried hard to stop you
  • Similarly in business space, big corporates have always tried to stop smaller players like IBM – Apple , Makemytrip – Oyo room, Uber – Jugnoo

Corrupt environment will try to decimate your ambitions

  • External Socio-politic-economic forces will try to stop your progress. Kanhaiya charged with Sedition for doctored videos aired by some news channels.
  • In business, big business can get access to funds more easily. They can easily create entry barriers to new players. Some of the big business tycoons are biggest bank defaulters, while every day 100s of start ups are facing untimely death due to cash crunch.


You will faces challenges all the time.

  • In Kanhaiya Kumar case, he was charged with sedition, he was beaten up by mob of lawyers outside court and he risked being labelled anti national for all of his life.
  • Similarly, in start-up, some of the problems you faced are wrong partners, cash flow issue, human resource issues, etc. These are some of the difficulty which tries to put a stop to your dreams.

Your family, well-wishers will keep faith in you

  • In hard time, it is very important to have helping hand from your closest family and well-wisher (monetary or emotionally). This will give extra mileage in long battle. Kanhaiya kumar was well supported by JNU community and lacs of Indian students.
  • Similarly, every founder needs emotional and monetary support from his close family and friends.

Slowly and steadly, you stood up against all the challenges and come as a winner

  • JNU Student Union President was given bail by Delhi High Court
  • Similarly, you will face lots of challenges in start up and finally find a way to make your start up a big story.

Your Life – Your Book – Your Choice

Hey, I am here with my new book. This time something in Hindi. You have read enough #YugalVani on Internet, now its time to read something special, Something very special from my heart. It is about your mother, it is about your village, it is about your love, it is about your society, it is about your life. This book has everything about you.  When you will read these poetic stories, you will find yourself in all lines.

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