‘Good Failure’ is a Great way to learn for Startups

My self Ankur Mishra, Sorry let me correct, I am Ankur Mishra, here I am pitching my failure story.
Just read : “Start-ups don’t die, they commit suicide. In other words, 90 percent of start-ups fail because the founders get bored, discouraged, or something else, and they move on to other things, not because of some catastrophe. No matter how dark it is today, things will always better tomorrow.” ~ Justin Kan. 
Example : MySelf.  😛
My startups : Go4Every in Lucknow-Kanpur and ForeanTech in Delhi-NCR but both are not in right path or you can say till now both are not rich. Word ‘Rich’ is the success definition of any Startup.
A very experienced Sir says: ‘Be Rich not Right’. This is a fact of every successful startup.
Other issue which I faced was my team. I was wrong with my team and my team was also wrong with company, but think about it : when you leave your team to execute on their own, you’ll see where all the holes in your company are, and then you can work on patching them. You should be able to leave your company for a few weeks without them needing you.
……And there are so many issues behind my failure, but I experienced good failure is a great way to learn provided you stick with it and never, ever give up.
Nothing is Rocket Science, “Starting a startup is not easy and there will always be people who tell you that something is impossible. Don’t listen. Now, I never took no for an answer.! “

Easy to say, less easy to do:

Do What You Love:
It’s a common saying, but vitally important. The more you enjoy your job, the easier it is to work, and that’s important, especially when starting up your own company. You will be amazed at the amount of time and energy it will take to make your company successful.
Don’t Be Afraid:
If you have an idea, do it. When you’re in your 20s or 30s, that’s the time where you can be aggressive and be a risk-taker. That’s the beauty of youth.
Don’t Manage Angry :
Be as stern as you need to be, but nothing good comes from you bringing your lack of emotional control into the work.
Do Your Homework:
Be really clear about the assumptions you’re making about the business you’re going into, and check those assumptions as quickly as you can whether it’s building a prototype and testing it with people, or just talking to other people in the industry.
Be Prepared:
Educate yourself on whatever you’re going into. If you don’t know what you’re doing, people will take advantage of you. Exercise your right to negotiate, especially as a woman; don’t be afraid to walk away from an opportunity that you don’t think is right for you; and be realistic about your budget. Figure out how much you need to save and then try to keep yourself on a strict budget.
Stay Genuine:
Do what you know… and love! It will resonate with your customers, employees, and potential investors. And make all the hard work worthwhile.
Geeks Team:
Starting with a highly technical founding team is the key to being a flexible web technology company.

Passion & Persistence with your road-map and you never lose! 

Power towards SUPERPOWER through CDE(Confidence, Dream & Effort)

We are living in the age of youth Society. For Example if we talk about Politics then Our “Barak Obamaa”, “Narendra Modi” “Umar Abdulla” are the best politicians of the World, we are talking about these peoples because they come under youth category. I have meet many top entrepreneurs of world, which comes under Youth Category.
 I am giving an example of this , One of My Friend “Vinny Lohan “ he has a Company Named OneBeep, Working for Software related to Handicapped Kids. He establish his Company in Newzeland. He perusing his masters right now and jst 22 year Old. You can see Facebook owner Mark Zukerverg. These are the live examples of Individual youths which have his or her own Identity. Which are the Identity of any nation.
Now we come under “Youth ki Awaaz”.
Word Shows “A Group” .”Bunch of Peoples” who are working for any Social matter. I think (May be wrong) , this is the Only power which can make any system perfect, if they are working for right cause.
Youth works with some Extra Qualities (Groups and Own), like Attitude, Dedication, Hard Work, Innovativeness and quest of Knowledge.
Because of these Qualities youth are known as the nation builder of any Nation. If any person think about Power then an active youth will think about SuperPower.
World population have 18% of Youths while India have 65% Youths of Whole Population, but a big difference between Indian & world youth is : Indian youth follow the Concept of “I have a dream” but they do not give their effort, while in other countries Dream and Effort both Work Simultaneously. This gives us a lack of development. Some times we have lack ok Sprit and Unity which is also a major set back.
For removing this lack and going towards Development we should follow a simple concept of “CDE”.
C :- Confidence.
D :- Dream.
E :- Effort.
These are the three key points for youth which can provide any type of Success. But it works with each other not separately, otherwise I will the Next president of America(Dream without Effort & Confidence), or I can throw many pulls through my whole life(Effort without Dream & Confidence) or I can make the the president of America. (Confidence & Dream without Effort)……….. Etc. we can see or make many examples with one or two factors but target will not achieved.
If We follow all three for any target , surely you will achieve that target.
If you have a Dream of making IAS, and you are following CDE concept:
Confidence makes any Dream perfect, and effort gives its hardware for Implementation with Planning and so many catalysts. So if you are preparing (Effort) with all catalysts then your dream will be 100% true.
This can be implemented by any youth Only. Because they have the Potential, Sprit , Hard working & Dedication towards Target.
And if we will work with full Dedication , Effort and Concentration then surely we will be Superpower of the world. 19TH Century was of England , 20th was of America and this is our Century So Wake up and make it Super Power.
By © Ankur Mishra

Success and Failure : Two Sides of EFFORT

Success is not a tough task for any one, it starts from effort and ends with Output.

If you have a dream or think then success is 100% sure, here I am saying think or Dream but if you have Only think or Dream then Success will say you Sorry. A task or Dream can be done by its own Path. Here A question comes in Mind : Who is the Path Maker? Is it any Celebrity or God or anybody else. Then for this my Answer will be we are our own Path Maker.

When a child wants to running, then he/she can not directly run at initial stage but he/she starts and  he/she falls on earth many times but he/she does not stop his/her effort,  After falling many times Onday he/she can run. So a child is his/her own Path maker.

So we came our Guru to that child for making a path for any task.

For starting of any task first we have to a Dream or think(Again not Only think). When we have a Idea, never think about Negative aspects initially just go for start, and then you will see all going well.

After Starting we have to follow some common thoughts, Continuity, Hard Working, Positive thought and use your best. If you will above simple rule then you will never go for a Fear.

Never depress with failure. You should always aware Failure is the one side of Effort. So if you get failure in first tine then never stop doing your effort  just go for Again a Start up.

A Simple example when a kid start bicycling then in initial phase he/she can not run his cycle, he/she goes for many falls but he/she does not stop his effort he/she tries again and again and finally he/she success in Bicycling.

So Always start with Effort, never think about Success and Failure just do your work with your purity.

These catalyst can provide you a pure Output of your Effort.
By © Ankur Mishra

The World as I see it : Only Individuals have a sense of responsibility

Today I was reading  the book ‘The World as I see it”  by Albert Einstein. The collection of this book works as a Motivator and it directs towards KARMA and responsibilities.  Both are the main key of Success. Simply we KARMA paid every thing in this world , Bad id waiting for bad and good is waiting for good both depends on your KARMA.

What an extraordinary situation is that of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he feels it. But from the point of view of daily life, without going deeper, we exist for our fellow-men–in the first place for those on whose smiles and welfare all our happiness depends, and next for all those unknown to us personally with whose destinies we are bound up by the tie of sympathy. A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life depend on the labours of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving. I am strongly drawn to the simple life and am often oppressed by the feeling that I am engrossing an unnecessary amount of the labour of my fellow-men. I regard class differences as contrary to justice and, in the last resort, based on force. I also consider that plain living is good for everybody, physically and mentally.

||   Only individuals have a sense of responsibility. –Nietzsche  ||      

The Above message is for every human being, for every member of your family and for every Individual.

Up to the age of 18th, you are the responsibility of any other but after 18 you should prepare for your responsibilities. Yet below 18 you should perform your task and works Only but after 18 you have to perform your task and work with a responsibility, which gives a extra factor in your work bur secure the way success. And in Normal life all of us have a responsibility for Our Study , for our Family ………… After a long time it becomes a important  part of Our life and gives a sense of secure working.

By © Ankur Mishra

Focus on your business : Be an Entrepreneur

Mind your own business,” have some specialty in itself, this is the key point of initiation of any business :
it has two parts-
(1) you need to avoid getting involved in things that aren’t on your path to success, and
(2) you need to know what business you are in and then mind that business with care.
This saying may seem like a cliché, but it is the first rule of business success. If you get this one wrong, nothing else will really go right. Implementation of this principle, involves careful project selection and definition. You should define the scope of your project so it embraces the areas for which you will be responsible. If you try to do a project outside of your area of influence, you will be likely to have problems. Understand the organizational boundaries between your business and others’. Look at risk areas in the potential project scope that you will not be able to influence, and try to contain these or define them out of your project area. If this is not a project you should be doing, then don’t do it. Effective project selection is the first step towards project success.
|| This was a brief initiation idea for any business or startup. Every Starting has two results :
Success or Failure.
But you should not start for Success or Failure, you should start for you dream.
Today I was reading a blog of Infinite Spiritual Discovery,it gave me an energy for doing my pending Dreams. Now I can work for them.
So “Mind your own Business.”
Focus on your business : Be an Entrepreneur
By © Ankur Mishra

Alphatrends : The Great TRADING PHILOSOPY

About Alphatrends
Brian’s successful trading philosophy is based first and foremost on the principle that when making money in the markets, risk management is always “Job 1”.
Alphatrends is structured to underscore this maxim, and to build on a solid foundation providing insightful, easy-to-follow trading ideas for equities, ETFs and options.
The primary focus of Alphatrends is to identify low risk, high profit swing trades.


Brian Shannon, the man behind Alphatrends:
Brian is a full time trader (with 20 years of experience), educator and author of the highly regarded book [Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes]. Brian is best known for his technical analysis videos which are the #1 most subscribed financial videos on Youtube. Brian is an investor, senior contributor and advisor of stocktwits.com.
“I believe in honesty, realistic expectations and true representations of what people can expect. Everything I say here is done without the slightest exaggeration. Integrity is everything to me.
While this business is rife with charlatans that prey on people’s greed, I only talk about substance and obtainable trading results.”



By © Ankur Mishra

Your Knowledge should be in Action

We are living for ‘ROTI, KAPDA and MAKAN’ but beside that there are so many needs and targets, of a normal human beings are there.

Every different human being has different targets, dreams and tasks. They want to become an IAS officer, An Engineer, Doctor and many more.

They have a lot of Knowledge but still they are not succeeded. Why??

That’s a big problem of Human being. They are also searching the solution for same, many motivators are also working on same but still there are going towards failure, failure and only failure.

This was a sad story of failure person.

Let us try to solve this Problem..

I am taking an Example of Roti(Bread), In my childhood my mother said,” you should chew  a bit of Roti 32 times.” but at that age i didn’t follow the same. Sometime i forget there same ant many problem was there because of that i was not able to chew it 32 time. Yet Problems were known but :(

but  One day I wrote in Dining table 32, just in front of my Chair, Really this was very helpful for me. From that day i had stated chewed 32 times to a bit. This chewing has so many benefits, related to health and many more.

This is a real Story.

Now i connect it with a Normal life. You have a target, you have sufficient stuffs but still you are waiting for something. So first thing for your success is your Stuffs should be in Active Mode. You have all databases but it should be in Active mode. So I am saying for being a Successful human being “Your Knowledge should be in Action.”
By © Ankur Mishra